The Stardust Drive-In operates from the first weekend in March (weather permitting) through the end of November. We run 7 days a week from Memorial Day Weekend (when schools let out for the Summer) until mid-August (when school begins). At other times of the season we're open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Adults, $8.50... Kids 6-11, $6.50... Children 5 and under, are ALWAYS FREE.  (Ticket prices are for TWO movies)
We're proud to feature our full-service "Stardust Kitchen & Concessions". You'll find all the usual theatre fare, PLUS incredible burgers & fries, Philly Cheese steak sandwiches, 12" freshly cooked pizzas, AND so much more.

Unlike an indoor theatre, a drive-in can only operate at night. This means that our starting time will change, based on the time of year. Early on in the season, you might see us start as early as 7 or 7:30. By July, it can be as late as 9 PM. That's why our show time is usually advertised as "Dusk". It's a time when, in our judgment, it's dark enough to put a good picture on the screen.

Drive-In theatres across the country have been "rediscovered", and are extremely popular on Friday, Saturday and holiday evenings... especially on nice days during the Summer. Plan ahead and arrive early when attending on these days.  Please see the "NOW SHOWING" page of our web-site for Gate opening times.  


  1. When do you know what will be playing next?
    New movies start on Friday. We normally do the week's booking on Monday or Tuesday of that week. We sometimes know about a new movie earlier than this, but not usually.  Our website is usually updated every Monday night for the following weekends schedule.

  2. Where do you publish your schedule?
    You've found it here!  Our website at is updated every Monday evening for the shows that will start on Friday.  When we're open 7 nights week during the summer months, Friday's new movies can be found on our website be clicking the "Starts Friday" link on the left side of any page on our website.   We run print ads in our local community newspaper - "The Edge" which is available for free in many local convenience stores and news racks within the surrounding counties.   We are also listed on-line for the day of the show at most of the on-line movie listing services, and you can also elect to follow us on Twitter  - just search for "@stardustdrivein".   One of the more popular places folks find information about the theatre, and the movies showing is  by joining the "Stardust Drive-In Facebook Fan Group".
       Our daily schedule is available by the theatre information line at 615-237-0077, and our own website @   Your best bet is to use our local web site, social media, or our phone system.


  4. **What time should we plan to arrive at the drive-in?**

  5. Getting here "early" does NOT mean 15-30 minutes before the movie starts.  We always urge our guest to get to the theatre as early as possible.  The boxoffice typically opens 1 1/2 - 2 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the movies, and on weekend nights with nice weather and either "family "movies" or "blockbuster-type" movies, it is highly suggested to get to the theatre as soon as the boxoffice opens.  By getting here as soon as you can, you'll typically find the best available choices of parking spaces and shorter concessions lines.  The later you arrive (closer to show time), there will usually be longer lines at both the boxoffice and concessions building.  We at the Stardust want your experience here to be a great night out "under the stars", so please plan your arrival time accordingly.

  6. How do you decide what movies to play, and why are they combined as they are?
    In cooperation with our film booker and the film studios, we put together double feature combinations we think will be the most popular with our loyal audience. We try to make the combinations roughly similar... ie: you typically won't see an animated children's flick paired up with a slasher type horror movie.  There are times when we will play an R rated movie as a second feature behind another that is rated PG-13 or lower.  In these rare occasions, it's the decision and dictate of the film studios that usually make such pairings,  rather than the management of the Stardust.  It's a matter of personal taste, and not nearly an exact science... but we do the best we can!

  7. Can I watch one movie on one screen and switch to the other side for the second feature?
    One of the most frequently asked questions since we added Screen 2 several years ago.  In short, the answer is no - unless you purchase a ticket for the other screen.  By booking our features in pairs
    as a unit for a set price, we can pass along our "Double Feature" discount pricing structure, benefiting YOU the customer - a service we are proud to provide and strive to protect, to give you the most for your dollar. You are welcomed to purchase an additional ticket the same night for a second feature if you wish.

  8. Why don't you play more "G" or "family" pictures?
    This is the question we're probably asked most often, aside from "what's playing on Friday". Hollywood makes movies that they hope will be economically successful. Accordingly, the argument is that they're "just making what the public wants to see". G rated pictures, while enthusiastically anticipated by families, are not generally as well attended as pictures that target the industry's largest audience, that being the 13-25'ish group. You will find that we book most family shows as soon as they become available, though we will pass on pictures we feel are obviously not intended for what's become "the drive-in crowd".

    How old do you have to be to see R rated movies?

    Quick answer - 17.   Yes, it used to be 18, however
    Tennessee state Code 39-17-907, enacted in 1989 was repealed by the state legislature in 2013, and replaced with less stricter guidelines.  The Stardust now follows the guidelines set forth by the Motion Picture Association of America, which state , "For viewing a motion picture designated "R"( for restricted audiences) minors under the age of 17 shall not be admitted without "ACCOMPANYING"  parent or Adult Guardian"   We at the Stardust are not the "morality police", however we do require a PHOTO I.D. for each occupant in the vehicle.


  10. Do you run "NC-17" rated pictures?

    No. They're generally not available, but that's not the point here.  With the way the drive-in is constructed, there is no way to isolate such material from passers-by driving through the Industrial Park, and we have made an agreement with the City of Watertown NOT to show "NC-17" rated pictures as part of our re-zoning for the construction of the theatre.

  11. I don't see any speakers in your fields.  How do I receive the sound?
    We feature a state-of-the-art theatre sound system, which broadcasts to your car in FM STEREO. Use your car's FM radio (set your ignition to the accessory only position). Nearly all portable FM radios work very well at the drive-in, and you're welcome to bring them along.  

    What about us folks who are hearing impaired?

    In 2014 the US Department of Justice enacted a new laws to be placed upon movie theatres to require them to provide "Closed Captioned" audio devices in each auditorium for patrons who are hearing impaired.   Within the confines of an indoor theatre, the technology works perfect, however since there are so few drive-ins left in the country, there are currently no equipment manufacturers making closed caption devices for the drive-in theatre industry.  In the rule making notice, the Department of Justice has EXEMPTED drive-in theatres in their definition of "movie theatre" because the technology simply does not exist, and it is doubtful that it ever will be.

    Do you guys "stream" the movie sound so we can listen with our smart phones?

    We get asked this a lot.  Short answer  is no.  Because the audio and picture of the movie are synchronized together and played instantaneously, by the time we uploaded the sound via the internet and it was then streamed back to you, it would introduce about a 7-10 second delay in the audio where the sound didn't match the mouths moving on the screen. 

  12. Can I consume alcohol at the drive-in?

    Open consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed on the property. If our staff observes you with alcoholic beverages, we will kindly ask that you leave the theatre. If you appear to be intoxicated, under 21 and "under the influence" or indulging in any "illegal substances", it's highly likely we'll ask the Watertown Police Department  to stop by for a visit.

  13. Why don't you have  "Carload Pricing"?
    Carload pricing at the drive-in appears to be a relic of the past that, unfortunately, is a part of drive-in history. It is still in practice at some theatres, but not here at the Stardust.
    When you buy a ticket at the box-office, a very large percentage of what you pay goes directly to the film company. That's how they get paid for their product that you'll be watching here. The film companies see carload pricing as one person in the car paying, and the rest seeing the movie for free. They won't allow an indoor theatre to give their product away in this manner, and they apply the same rule to the drive-ins showing first run product.

    "We got here late and my favorite parking space is already taken, can I get a refund and come back another night?"

    All parking at the Stardust is available on a first come first served basis.  We do not give refunds, re-admission passes, etc. because your favorite or most desired parking space is already occupied by someone else.  We encourage all of our patrons to arrive at least an hour or more prior to advertised showtime so you may find the best available parking spaces and shorter concessions lines.  


  15. Why do you have a "food permit"?

    As stated above, a very large percentage of what you pay for tickets goes directly back to the film studios.
    What remaining portion there is left is typically not enough to support the operation of the theatre (this is why ALL movie theatres have concessions stands in the first place).   Your patronage and support of our concession stand is what keeps this theatre in operation.   When you bring your own food to the drive-in, it directly effects the financial stability of the theatre, and we usually have to throw away your trash for you.  


  17. Why do the Concession Lines get long?

    We suggest to all of our patrons to get to the theatre EARLY (one hour or earlier prior to dusk) so they may find the best available parking spaces and shorter concessions lines.  On VERY busy nights (especially family type movies), the closer you arrive to show time, the longer the concessions lines will be.  When everyone shows up at once, (like McDonalds with a bus-load of high school kids) there will be longer lines and wait times.   The theatre management and staff pride themselves on the quality of "cooked-to-order" food items we sell, and the majority of our patrons appreciate the variety of menu items that we have to offer, we sincerely hope that you will as well.

    We have a new added service at the concession stand in the form of "Text Messaging".   If your movie has already started (or is about to) by the time you place your order, please feel free to ask one of the concession attendants to add your cell phone number to your kitchen order.  Once you have your placed your order,  you may simply go back to your vehicle - enjoy your movie with your guests, and when your dinner is ready we'll give you a buzz. 

    Can we roast marshmallows and hot dogs in your new nifty "fire pit"?

    Quick answer - Nope.  Six year olds with red hot pokers, and flaming marshmallows... enough said.


    A General List of our Common Sense House Rules:

  • RETAIN YOUR TICKETS. Do NOT discard stubs!
    This is advise that can not be over-emphasized. Your ticket validates the attendance of you and  your vehicle and is evidence of a limited license to be on the property during business hours. Theatre staff may request your ticket at any time, for any reason. If you fail to produce a ticket for each occupant in your vehicle, we may eject your entire carload, regardless of how many may actually have paid.  If you do not receive a ticket from the box-office attendant, please notify the theatre management in the concessions building.


  • Your ticket purchase provides you with admission to one double-feature presentation on one screen only - please do not ask or attempt to change screens at intermission without purchasing an additional admission ticket for that screen. We are bound by licensing agreements to prevent field to field movement; the same policy as all indoor theatres with multiple screens.  This policy is in effect to protect our "Double-Feature Discount" pricing structure. This works by allowing us to book features as a unit for a set price, benefiting YOU the customer - a service we are proud to provide and strive to protect, to give you the most for your dollar. We feel however, that it is worth the sacrifice to run affordable double features. You are welcomed to purchase an additional ticket the same night for a second feature if you wishAny guests who switch screens or attempt to view a movie without possession of the proper tickets will forfeit their right to remain on the premises, and will be considered a trespasser. No exceptions.

  • Entry without payment (sneaking in), illegal or disruptive activities and/or vandalism of any kind on our property can result in your ejection without refund. It is our policy to report illegal activities to the Watertown Police Department. Please don't risk the enjoyment of your evening (and that of your companions).

  • NO REFUNDS. No admission ticket refunds are given unless there is a mechanical failure that prevents us from showing the first movie.  In case of a mechanical failure during  the movie, please continue to listen to the radio station for that screen for further instructions from the theatre staff.   No refunds are given for anyone who is ejected by the staff for any reason. In general, this policy will apply to the entire carload involved. We reserve the right to modify this policy and/or offer re-admission passes in certain cases.

  • NO IN & OUT. If you leave the theatre, you must pay to re-enter.

  •  Outside food and beverages are prohibited without the purchase of a Food & Beverage Permit at the ticket booth before you enter the theatre.  Purchase price for the permit is a mere $6.00 per vehicle.   As per conditions of the permit, you may not share food or drink with persons who came in other vehicles.  The permit MUST be purchased as you enter the theatre, and cannot be purchased once you are admitted.  If you choose not to purchase an "Outside Food & Beverage Permit", you will have the option to dispose of your food in the trash cans at the box-office gates, or leave the facility.  Patrons with outside food and beverages at their vehicles without a permit, will be asked to leave the facility - without a refund.  THIS POLICY WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

  • Alcoholic Beverages of any type are strictly prohibited.  Patrons with alcoholic beverages at their vehicles will be asked to leave the facility - without a refund, no exceptions.  THIS POLICY WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.


  • SMOKING - While we currently do not ban smoking on the theatre grounds, we kindly ask all of our patrons who do smoke to be mindful of those around you, especially families with young children.  There is NO SMOKING allowed in the concession stand lobby or the restrooms.  For those patrons that wish to smoke, please use the ash tray in your vehicle, or the urns located outside of the concessions stand for your butts.  Please do not throw them on the ground.

  • Fireworks of any and all kinds are not allowed on the property.
    This includes items as seemingly innocent as sparklers and "poppers". This is a zero-tolerance issue at this drive-in.

  • All animals must be under your direct control and responsibility at all times. They must be on leash when not secured in your vehicle. Animals are not allowed in the snack bar lobby or restrooms.

  • You must be in control of your lights, and they must be off while you're parked.
    If you cannot extinguish a light, you must cover it. We recommend that you bring some brown paper or dark plastic and masking tape and carefully covering your lights before entering - please remember to remove the covering before you exit the theatre making sure that you are facing away from the screen when you are doing so. There may also be instructions on turning off your daytime running lights in your car's operating manual.
    Other distracting lights on and inside your vehicle, including strobes, neon, video displays and TV sets should also be turned off.

  • Responsible, common sense behavior is required of all customers, regardless of age.
    Children who pose problems of any kind may be required to remain in their vehicle unless accompanied by a parent or supervising adult.

  • For your safety, shoes must be worn at all times. Please do not carry shoeless children.
    Shirts must be worn when inside the concessions building.

  • Please DO NOT wash your shoes in the rest room sinks, or wipe your shoes on the walls of the concession stand - it is considered vandalism and you will be asked to leave the facility - without a refund, no exceptions.

  • Obscene language or profanity WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

  • LASER POINTERS ARE FORBIDDEN anywhere in this theatre.

  • No Barbecue grills or other cooking equipment.

  • Common sense applies here. The Staff and Management have final determination over any situation on this property, whether the issue at hand is posted or not.



  • VANS, TRUCKS, HIGHTOPS & SUV'S must be parked in designated areas. (Screen 1 - RED TOPPED POSTS)
    This is generally in back rows, most sides and some front rows.  Our screens are large and easy to see, and there's usually plenty of room for all. The center section of our field is reserved for cars and small pickups. Small vehicles are not allowed in areas reserved for large ones, and vice-versa. Theatre staff have final say over where a vehicle may be parked, so that we may make best use of the field. Consideration will be given to "early birds" where possible. However, there may be cases where we may ask you to move.

  • Liftgates, hatchbacks & other doors MAY NOT BE RAISED higher than the top of the vehicle.
    This helps prevent your vehicle from blocking the view of the person behind you. Twine or a short piece of small rope or wire works very well. If you have speakers or people on top of your vehicle, they may not block the view of any vehicle behind you.

  • If you are enjoying the show outside of your vehicle, please sit between the vehicle and the screen.
    Do not occupy room in another space, walkway, etc.   This rule is relaxed somewhat during the week, when space permits... but not on Friday or Saturday, or any day when we determine extra space is needed for incoming patrons.  

    For safety reasons, please verify all occupants of your party are securely inside your vehicle before moving your vehicle when leaving the theatre.

  • Each vehicle is entitled to one space.
    Please park CLOSE enough to a post to allow for another vehicle.  There are two (2) parking spaces between each set of white posts.

  • Be CONSIDERATE of the folks around you. Do NOT raise voices, radios, or noises loud enough to disturb other patrons.  This especially applies to subwoofers. We're glad you can enjoy your sound system here, but it must not be (in our judgment) excessively loud.   Vehicle ENGINES must be OFF during the movie.

  • Do not EVER sound your horn - unless asked to do so by the theatre radio announcer . Never put a light of any sort onto the screen.

Parking in the Cul-de-sac of Purple Tiger Drive or adjacent properties to watch the movies without paying constitutes 
THEFT OF SERVICE and violators will be prosecuted.